Fitting Guide

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At Coopers we can arrange appointments for customers to come to the factory for our specialist lady to complete fittings for new shoe orders. If you cannot make it to the factory we can accept your own fitting. For this all you need to do is place your feet on a piece of paper whilst in a standing position, and ask someone to draw around them. Mark them left and right accordingly, then take a tape measure around the circumference of the metatarsal area as shown and note this measurement on the draft. Mark any prominent toes or joints with an X and measure the depth of the toes, also noting those on the draft. These measurements help us to build your last, so it is important that we have as much information as you can give us. For example, do your feet swell, or do you have a high instep? If so please note this down on your drafts. Photos can also help too.

Send your drafts and the completed order form to us and allow 21 days for the delivery of your footwear, which will be at a fitting stage – this means that we will send it to you without the sole and heel on, enabling us to adjust the uppers if necessary before we finish them. If you are not completely happy with your shoes we are able to make any changes to them and then finish them off. Shoes can return back to the customer for a further fitting if necessary.

At the fitting stage, we would like you to try on the footwear, checking that they are deep and wide enough, that they are correct length and fit around the heel area. Fill in the fitting note enclosed with your shoes and then return them back to us for any adjustments and/or completion.